Importance Of the Stock Market
Stock market plays a big role in the growth of commerce and industry of most of the countries today which them makes the economy of the country be a perfect one .Stock market is a source of government funds in that the government issue bonds through the stock markets instead of increasing taxes so that it can get funds for its projects  so when the investors buy these bonds the government will be able to raise a lot of money since the money that the investors use to buy the bonds and  the government becomes able to raise money for some of the major projects that  can improve the cost of living of the citizens and make it affordable it will also create job opportunity for them not forgetting the bonds money from the investors that the government gets will also improve the economy of the country.

 Stock market is the primary source of for any organization in that it enables the organization to raise money for the business' expansion by issuing shares of the company which is part of ownership of the company. Stock market enables the institutional investors and the retail investors to buy and sell stocks easily through brokers who act as middle men between the buyers and sellers and they do give the buying and selling orders of the two investors if they go to them of which they both settle the deal of keeping the stock trading going and as a result to the company it is this traders that raise fund for the business when they invest in the stocks. Use this service to learn all you need to know about the stock market.

Stock market makes it possible to sell socks anytime which gets back to the investment with a big percentage of profit which attracts a lot of investors to invest in the market as the stock is made to be liquid in nature and also the stock market provides a common place for stock trading which results to growth of economy in a country of which a lot of investors invest in the company this also boosts the business to give a great performance. Stock market influences economic perception which drives a number of economic activities in a country like foreign investments as  the perception is if a country's stock market  is an established one, the economy is said to be strong and if the stock exchange is still rising, the economy is said to be an emerging one. Get the best trading tips here.